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Raymond Steven


Raymond Bobson Steven is a dedicated advocate for education-driven community transformation. Born in Kenema, Sierra Leone, Raymond's journey from walking ten miles a day to pursue education ignited his profound understanding of education's pivotal role in changing lives, families, and entire communities. His firm belief that education is the beacon guiding societal progress has fueled his relentless pursuit of knowledge and impact.

After completing high school, Raymond's determination led him to the United States, where he seized the opportunity to pursue a bachelor's degree in Public Policy and Administration. This decision is not just a personal endeavor, but a generational mission deeply rooted in his commitment to shaping his country's future. Hailing from Sierra Leone, a nation grappling with multifaceted challenges, Raymond envisions a brighter tomorrow by addressing pressing issues such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, leadership, and corruption.

Raymond's passion for his homeland is evident in every facet of his academic journey. With every class he undertakes, he asks himself, "How can I leverage the knowledge I acquire to contribute to solving Sierra Leone's challenges?" His goal is clear: to create policies that uplift the lives of his fellow citizens and foster enduring positive change. For Raymond, this endeavor transcends a mere career; it's a profound mission that speaks to the aspirations of future generations.

With an unwavering commitment to his cause, Raymond seeks support from the broader community—resources, networks, and collaboration—to turn his vision into reality. His mission is a call to action, a resounding declaration that Sierra Leone's future generations deserve a better tomorrow, one where education and policy drive progress and prosperity. Raymond Bobson Steven is a torchbearer of change, ready to light the path toward a brighter future for his beloved Sierra Leone.

Raymond Steven
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